Say My Name- Models

Due to the current political climate, I have recently started a new collection of paintings titled "Say My Name." This body of work involves minorities here in the US and abroad and the oppressions that they have faced throughout their lives. This can be anything from racisms and sexism to ableism, xenophobia, homophobia, mental or physical abuse, etc. 

I am looking for people who want to reach out and tell their story. 

If you would like to be apart of this art collection what I need from you is this: 

  • A high quality photo of your choosing, portraying you as strong and empowered (or any other emotion-in the end it is fully up to you)

  • A write up of what oppression you have faced. This can be a single word or sentence, or even a whole life story. 

I will ask for you to sign a model release form as well as a form telling me if I can use your first name with your artwork or your choice of a pseudonym

If you are interested or have any questions please send me an email through the contact page that you can access here.