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Elizabeth Suriani is a Studio Artist and Artworks Center for Contemporary Arts in Loveland, Colorado and has been a part of the community since 2020. She graduated from the University of Wyoming with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a minor in Art History in 2016 and is planning on returning to academia for a Master's in Art Restoration and Conservation.

In 2020 Suriani created and curated her first solo exhibition while living and working in Bangkok, Thailand, titled, Complacent and shown at Buffalo Bridge Gallery. 


This installation was based on the over-production of plastic waste and the way it is affecting our planet. In the end she totaled over 1,000 plastic bags and waste for the knitted “blanket” that she created as the centerpiece. 

In April 2023, Suriani exhibited her Chromophobia series at Artworks Center for Contemporary Art. A series centered around the idea that throughout the history of Western aesthetics there has been a division among the elements of design and what is seen as a difference between masculine and feminine art forms. Each painting included in CHROMOPHOBIA  portrays a hyper-masculine and violent classical sculpture depicting violence towards the women in their shared mythological stories. Combined with the sculptures are the color arrangement from classical paintings characterized by stories of women’s rage and retaliation. They depict women repossessing the power that was taken from them repetitively by the common visual narrative of the time. Removing content and context and minimizing the paintings to nothing but the sum of their colors, they redefine a problematic history of imbalance between the sexes.

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