Chromophobia: a fear of contamination and corruption through color. Something that is unknown or appears unknowable. 


A Study of Cellini’s Perseus and the Head of Medusa and Gentileschi’s Judith Beheading Holoferens.   


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Details of the Product


A copy of this painting, Chromophobia, is printed at  two different sizes. One with an 11"x14" image and the other at 16"x20.


PLEASE NOTE: Each print will be larger than the original image size and will be shipped flat with signing and matting.

The 11"x14" image will be a total of 16"x20," while the 16"x20" image will be a total of 20"x24" including the mats.


Domestic shipping is free.

11"x14" print will be sent in a box 18"x24.

"16"x20" print will be sent in a box 22"x28"


If you are interested in purchasing a larger size, please email Elizabeth directly to discuss size and price. (


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  • There are two sizes to select from with limited edition prints. 

    Option 1. 11"x14" image with 16"x20" mat (official size)

    Option 2. 16"x20" image with 20"x24" mat  (official size)


    Additonal Option: If you would like a larger size, please email me directly for sizing and pricing of the print.